Welcome to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark!

The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology cordially invites you to its 2014 Annual Congress, which takes place in Copenhagen from 7–11 June.

We are proud that Copenhagen has been selected to host the EAACI Congress 2014, and look forward to welcoming the international allergy community from all over Europe and from the world beyond.

The Local Organising Committee, which includes representative members from major academic centres in Denmark, Norway and Sweden has, together with the EAACI Scientific Committee under the lead of Marek Jutel, established an exciting programme under the main theme: Challenging Dogmas. The aims are not only to provide delegates with a comprehensive and broad update of basic and clinical research in our field, but also to evaluate critically established scientific dogmas to foster sound and vivid scientific discussions of the paradigms on which we should base our future diagnosis, treatment and prevention strategies.

Copenhagen is almost at the geographical centre of Europe, yet 90% of all Europeans live south of the city. Besides academic nourishment, we will
introduce you to a vibrant capital where history and the wonderful old buildings meet modern development with architecture, design and environmental friendliness. The relaxed and informal atmosphere in Copenhagen will involve you in appreciating all the aspects of the Nordic
lifestyle, including gastronomy, ecology and outdoor activities during the bright nights. Copenhagen lies on the coast, and the harbour and the many channels are deeply integrated in the city life.

The venue, the Bella Center, is a modern facility closely connected by Metro to everywhere in the city. The congress centre has hosted many large,
international meetings including the United Nations World Summit for Social Development and the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Copenhagen is continuously hosting memorable cultural events, art exhibitions and musical performances. The airport is well connected to many larger cities in Europe, North America and Asia, and the bridge across the Øresund will take you to Sweden and the Scandinavian Peninsula in less than 20 minutes.

On behalf of the entire Local Organising Committee I wish you an unforgettable Congress and look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen.

Lars K. Poulsen
EAACI Congress 2014 Chair

Dear colleagues and friends,

On behalf of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, I am delighted to invite you to participate in a memorable Congress, designed to cover your educational needs, as well as the needs of all professionals involved in the field of allergic and immunological diseases, and will provide exceptional opportunities for interaction and networking.

In recent years, EAACI and its congresses have been continuously developing, both in scale and scope. Our vision is to continue serving as the major global platform for education, promotion of scientific excellence and advocacy on everything related to allergy.

The Copenhagen Congress will add further dimensions to the exciting experience of EAACI congresses, fully satisfying new participants and
pleasantly surprising regular attendees. Needless to say that the scientific programme will be more forward thinking and innovative than ever before, as a result of the systematic and inspired work of EAACI’s Scientific Programme Committee (SPC). We expect participants to return home with new skills for treating their patients, new ideas and inspiration for research, and vivid memories of friendship and collegiality. This year we will be Challenging Dogmas, a crucial part of the scientific process and a profuse source of innovation.

At the same time, we recognise that in the wider sense, transmission of knowledge and development of understanding is facilitated by, if not depends on, personal interaction and good spirit. Networking opportunities have been designed and embedded into the timetable. The friendly atmosphere of Copenhagen, a modern, thriving city, the most visited in Scandinavia, adds a welcoming dimension and opportunities for further enjoyment.

Welcome to our world of inquisitiveness, debate and discovery, and welcome to EAACI Copenhagen 2014!

Nikos Papadopoulos
EAACI President